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Urban Core Division is your optimal choice for a top-tier commercial management company, serving streamlined real estate solutions through a sustainable and process-driven approach. We are known for our dependable cost structure, good track record, and outstanding customer service, driving peak performance and efficiency.

The company’s commercial real estate operations in South Florida observe such core principles as delivering swift property maintenance, progressive oversight locations, and offering high security for properties that fit your needs.

With our years of trusted service, we guarantee an intelligent improvement on your commercial property, bridging any gaps you may experience during the investment operation.

Yield Great Investment Returns From Our Services

Real estate owners often experience maintenance issues in their commercial properties. Additionally, they are challenged in finding the right tenants, liability insurance coverage, safety compliance, and other related concerns. Overall, these issues can be overbearing and are impossible to handle all at once.

At Urban Core Division, we are staffed by an efficient property management team to preserve the property’s value and increase asset revenue while lowering costs.


We are partners with Colliers International, a commercial property management firm founded in 1978 that climbed to the top and created a significant global presence. We already have a proven record of success with our network of 14,000 professionals operating in 69 countries.

Our team of experts has been in the industry for more than ten years, offering business development and assemblages worldwide. If you’re looking for a professional manager, our trailblazer real estate managers can manage and maximize the value of your asset.

Quality Work

A good property manager must have an innate ability to be patient and professional in dealing with sensitive business matters. At Urban Core Division, we have a quality property manager with extensive knowledge of local real estate laws and regulations to ensure transparency among institutional investors and real estate investees.


We are a dial away to meet your property needs. Our team is always available to answer your queries and concerns concerning a management flat fee, financial reporting, market rents, and property upgrades. Reach us via phone or email, and we’ll deliver solutions right away. You can also follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, to get timely property updates.

Cost-Efficient Services

Our industry-proven services ensure that the property is well-maintained while appeasing occupants. We oversee daily operations and address tenant issues swiftly. 

Overall, you will experience a top-notch service with us while working within a budget. 

Areas of Property Management Expertise

With the company’s specialization in capital markets, property management firms, and financial assessment and advisory, we have gained our clients’ trust. This allowed us to become an accredited management organization. We mainly focus on commercial real estate investing and debt services in the real estate industry.

Commercial Real Estate Investing


Real estate investment entails high-risk and high-reward ventures. Therefore, choosing a property management company proven to deliver appreciation and stable returns is crucial.

The professional property manager in Urban Core Division is an expert in sourcing a commercial property while considering good infrastructure, property type, and costs. We are proactive in analyzing investment, taxation, and insurance to cater to an appropriate property evaluation.

Commercial Debt Services


The property owner can call us for commercial debt services to purchase or renovate a commercial property. We guarantee to help you with business requirements such as financial accounts payable, credit, personal finances, and the characteristics of the property being financed.

Miami Property Management Offerings

A trusted property management company has adequate and qualified employees to handle your asset’s size and requirements efficiently. Our team consists of professional commercial property managers, assistant property managers, accountants, administrators, and maintenance engineers.

With that said, our talented real estate managers are dedicated to managing day-to-day affairs and attending tenant relations and management.

Efficient Market Rent Analysis in Commercial Real Estate

Assessing the rental potential in an area is crucial for every investor to evaluate specific factors in a property. We conduct extensive research to determine the reasonable rental rate to charge tenants and improve financial stability.

A commercial property owner can take comfort knowing that desired rental type, amenities, routine upgrades, and location are achieved.

Creative Marketing Techniques From a Property Manager

We prepare informative and engaging paraphernalia to attract prospective tenants and increase market exposure. Our property managers are skilled in crafting solid marketing strategies through email campaigns, informative brochures, and leveraging social media to improve the likelihood of filling vacancies.

Reasonable Leasing Space Negotiations

We offer reasonable lease renewals and negotiations to property owners, depending on the length of the lease, tenant improvements, and sublease.

As one of the leading property management companies, our goal is to provide an open and honest working relationship, so guarantee that there will be transparency and compassion at the investment undertaking with different individuals and companies.

Innovative Management Planning and Reports

We utilize property management software to manage financial tasks, organize rental and other properties, and filter out tenant applications and screenings. In addition, the smart technology allows automated communication where gross rent reminders are stimulated to ensure prompt property management fees and payments.

Property management reports about rent collection, budget and other fees, occupancy, lease expiration, capital expenditures, and correspondence management are needed to explain how the property is performing to the owner.

We are transparent in delivering reports, including maintenance and management fees, to identify which properties perform best and use that information to figure out why others aren’t.

Swift Compliance Procedures From a Property Management company

A certified property manager ensures fast and efficient compliance procedures in securing permits from the fire department, construction jobs, and sanitation.

Our team of experts guides you to coordinate information, issue corrections, follow safety codes and due dates to achieve a smooth and fast legal compliance process.

Improved Tenant Relations

Tenant relations directly influence vacancy and turnover costs. Having a good relationship with residents develop trust and reliability and guarantee long-term occupancy. On top of that, a satisfied tenant gives a more steady income allowing for high financial performance. At Urban Core Division, establishing successful management operations is a must. So, we place a premium on maintaining a healthy rapport with the occupants to foster harmonious and long-lasting relationships.

Preventative Maintenance Management

Ensuring proper care and maintenance is crucial to preserve the property’s value and generate enough cash flow, resulting in financial stability. The commercial property manager at Urban Core Division spearheads the maintenance to guarantee that the units and facilities are working at their best.

Commercial property upkeep is a huge responsibility that property managers must do correctly. Our prime duty is to provide the utmost comforts to tenants and protect the investments of people and companies.

What to Expect From a Leading Property Management Company

A good property management company must efficiently handle tasks associated with owning rental properties. That said, we are a team of property management experts in managing your rental calendar, solving access issues, and attending to the tenants’ needs.

Rent Responsibilities

Rent management services are crucial duties that property managers and property management firms must adhere to. At Urban Core Division, we ensure that late fees are strictly enforced, conducting routine inspections, adjusting and collecting rent roll when needed, and keeping up-to-date accounting records and data.

Tenant Management

Good tenant management ensures the safety of the tenants from crimes and other harmful hazards. Our property manager’s responsibility is to market potential high-quality tenants and screen and review them to assess if they are fit to vacate in the property.

Our property management company has been consistent in prioritizing our residents’ comfort. So, guarantee that we will handle requests, complaints, and other concerns related to them.

Everyday Operational Activities Run by a Property Manager

Property management firms handle day-to-day contracted building services. In Urban Core Division, some of our duties include overseeing installations and expansions, ensuring that leasing agreements are followed, and preparing budgets and proposals.

Our Property Management Company Aligns With Your Investment Energy

We at Urban Core Division actively monitor commercial markets to tailor to the needs of the investors. Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to improving the property’s operational efficiency, improving cash flow, and profitability.

On top of that, our team has professional designations indicating that we have met the industry’s stringent educational requirements. So, guarantee that we have a better grasp of the complexities of commercial real estate management.

The Leading Commercial Property Management Firm

We preserve your asset to increase its value through targeted operating expenses. Our bespoke service will help property owners as they deal with major and minor property issues like energy consumption, tenant tension, rent management, and asset management. With that said, we are qualified real estate professionals dedicated to maximizing the return of investment and achieving high profitability for your assets.

Choose A Reliable Property Management Company Now

Choosing the right commercial property management firm is one of the investors’ crucial decisions. We at Urban Core Division are backed by trusted and experienced real estate managers that offer resilient property management solutions. With our established resource networks, we leverage our property management services to enhance tenant experience and recognize property excellence.

We will not just manage your property; we will also build your asset and link you with the best companies and buyers.

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