Commercial Real Estate Debt Services

Urban Core Division is your trusted resource on commercial real estate investment with expertise in local markets. We ensure you get access to the best market opportunities with a maximum return on investment.

As a full-service commercial properties brokerage company based in South Florida, we help empower your decision-making by providing data-driven market information. Ask us anything about our South Florida commercial real estate debt services, and we’ll be more than happy to talk business with you.

Commercial properties are very complex real estate investments that require time commitment and immersion into the real estate landscape. Real estate commercial owners cannot do it alone. They need the expert guidance of a highly-specialized team focused on geographically driven real estate investment sales.

Our Winning Edge

We work by the same principles of Colliers International, giving clients a unique and customized approach to investing and acquisition through thorough market research analysis. We focus on local knowledge to warm the market and catapult our listings using our global connections.


Global Outreach

We are a boutique commercial real estate firm with a strong global reach. Firms with a global presence show they have strategy and experience. Our clients span beyond South Florida, and your commercial listings will surely reach international clients.

Team of Real Estate Experts

We have a team of experts in capital markets with boots-on-the-ground experience. They help our clients with various requirements, including project development, financial engineering, and strategic planning.


A Unique Platform

We believe that every neighborhood has unique attributes, so we developed a system that divides the urban core into territories for more straightforward market navigation. We use Colliers International’s global integrated platform to pair you with suitable capital sources and opportunities.

Expertise in The Local Market

Commercial real estate owners in South Florida know the fierce competition in the real estate business. Our advantage is knowing every corner of South Florida and every type of property in the area.

Our well-versed brokers are immersed in the local market and knowledgeable of best practices in real estate sales. View our inventory listings and see how we take good care of our clients.

Data-driven Information and Marketing

Information technology and artificial intelligence have made real estate research on market rates and trends easier and more accurate. In seconds, you can browse information on property owners, debt levels, and property values.

Technology can make critical predictions in real estate trends to help our clients make data-driven decisions on selling and purchasing investment properties.


Skilled in Contract Negotiations

Being an effective negotiator is one of the most critical skills of any real estate broker. They understand the needs of both the seller and the buyer.  It can spell the difference between a good and a bad contract, especially when it involves long-term lease contracts or big property purchases.

Urban Core Division has highly trained and skilled brokers who have years of experience in contract negotiations. You are assured of fairness in both parties and lower the risk of contract issues.

What We Can Do for You

Since Urban Core Division launched in 2016, we have had a strong presence in South Florida’s real estate business, with some of the best brokers and partners in the industry spearheading our projects and programs. We can offer the full spectrum of services, from lease negotiations to new construction financing.


Full-service Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

If you’re a commercial property owner, real estate investor, or property developer in South Florida, we can provide you with market advice for property purchase and ensure continuous profits from your owned properties.

We offer full-service brokerage, including opening your doors to off-market real estate opportunities. We can also assist in commercial lending applications and sourcing funds through different borrower options. We can match you with buyers for your property listings and other investors for income opportunities.


Local Market Education

We focus not just on helping clients sell one property. We strive to educate them about the South Florida real estate trends to help grow their portfolio. We’ve had more than $3 billion worth of total sales, a number that continues to thrive because our clients remain trustful and choose to grow with us.


In-house Creative Marketing Services

We’ll make your property look enticing to prospective clients with the help of our in-house creative marketing team. You can check out our Miami Link to sample our interactive map. Our team can create any marketing material you desire, from simple brochures to a custom property website.


Commercial Real Estate Loans

Commercial real estate loans are often necessary for financial growth in real estate investments and part of a healthy economy. Banks and other commercial lenders are even more open to a commercial loan than an annual mortgage debt service because of the higher annual debt service and collateral.

We can help you with your commercial loans application, debt management strategies, banking options, and planning a good investment strategy.


Help Calculate Debt Service Coverage Ratio

We can show you critical financial aspects such as calculating your debt service coverage ratio, managing cash flow, and ensuring your property will have enough income for payments of your current debt obligations.


Lease Negotiations

There are many issues involved with lease negotiations because of the complexity of the lease terms. Some problems may include property improvements, security deposits, landlord incentives, and limiting the liability risk of the lease guarantor.

As a landlord and property owner, you should know about these complexities to ensure you are not running a business at a loss. We can help you manage these issues to ensure smooth tenant payment and rental contracts.


New construction financing

Getting construction financing is a good sign of business growth and often necessary with expansion. A commercial construction loan is a short-term high-interest loan offered by a commercial lender with a high loan-to-value ratio (LTV). The maximum LTV for new construction financing is around 65% to 80%.

A commercial bank can offer the best rates, but getting a construction loan can be difficult because they require a good credit score or equity capital on your current property. We can assist you in preparing all the requirements and help you decide on the type of construction loan to make once you qualify for the loan.


Commercial Property Management

South Florida Commercial Real Estate Debt Services

The Urban Core Division team knows the ins and outs of the real estate market in South Florida. Each member of our leasing team has more than a decade of experience in South Florida’s retail commercial real estate.

Our brokers can help you in all aspects of real estate debt services, in addition to sales, acquisition efforts, dispositions, and landlord representation.

Our team has a very strong presence in the local community with a deep understanding of the local trends and networks. A local advantage can be beneficial when negotiating terms and consulting with their network of professionals if you ever hit a roadblock.

Why Invest in Commercial Real Estate?

Investing in commercial real estate has a very high long-term income potential with less competition in the local markets compared to housing rentals. Investing in commercial land and structures is a great way to have passive additional income. Are you interested to know the current real estate trends in South Florida? You can contact the Urban Core Division and talk to one of our experienced property brokers.

There are numerous property types to invest in, including office buildings, warehouses, storage spaces, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and even simple open land spaces. You can choose the most manageable property type with a high return on investment.

Whether you’re a seasoned or new commercial property investor, you still need the help of a real estate firm that can do the hard work for you, such as researching rates and trends. Urban Core Division can help you start or expand your businesses and reach your financial goals.


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