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Located at 1301 Stanford Dr, Miami, FL 33146, In a suburb of Miami, the Lowe Art Museum is an art museum that offers a variety of visual arts. The Lowe Art Foundation has run the museum since 1950. The organization was founded by philanthropists Joe and Emily Lowere, and the museum is now operated by the University of Miami. The museum is one of the first of its kind in South Florida. Today, visitors can enjoy an array of exhibitions and programs that highlight the history and culture of the region. Learn more about Miami

The museum is home to many notable collections. The Lowe is especially well-known for its collection of works by Jackson Pollock, Robert Mangold, and Pat Lipsky. The permanent collection is continually changing, so you can experience new works during your visit. Visiting the Lowe will also help you learn about the art that was created over the years. A trip to this museum is a great way to get a glimpse of the art that surrounds the area.

The Lowe Art Museum’s permanent collection includes over two million pieces of art from all over the world. The permanent collection is curated by the University of Miami. It features a changing exhibition each year, and the museum publishes its findings in exhibition catalogs. The Lowe also organizes traveling exhibitions and loans of individual works from its collection to enhance the appreciation of its permanent collection. All these activities contribute to the museum’s mission of supporting the educational mission of the University of Miami.

The Lowe Art Museum is part of the University of Miami. The museum is home to the Fairholme Unlimited Foundation, which is dedicated to collecting and preserving works of art. In addition to its permanent collection, the museum organizes traveling exhibitions and lends individual works from its collection to other museums and collectors. Through these activities, the Lowe Art is one of the best museums in South Florida for the arts. The fairholme Unlimited Foundation’s exhibition Highlights From the Lowe Art Museum’s Permanent Collection continues until December 1, 2016.

The Lowe Art Museum has a long and distinguished history. The museum has exhibited works from all over the world for over sixty years, and has been a teaching resource for students and the community. It also exhibits both borrowed and permanent works. The museum is open daily. It is possible to view more than one exhibition each day. It is possible to take your time and enjoy a visit to the Lowe Art Museum. Browse this page also

Founded in 1952, the Lowe Art Museum now boasts one of the largest art collections in Miami. Its collection includes works from all eras, including ancient Egypt. Located in downtown Miami, the Lowe is a great destination for all art lovers. Its permanent collection includes works by artists such as Jackson Pollock, Robert Mangold, and Pat Lipsky. Moreover, the museum supports the University of Miami’s mission by organizing traveling exhibitions.

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